Tithonia Torch (Mexican Sunflowers) 1 in a 2 litre tall pot

IMPORTANT UPDATE: 03.06.23:  The Tithonia sowings have failed!  I am so sorry, what an “interesting” growing year we are having in 2023 – Please don’t give up, I have made a short video that may bring a little comfort to all my lovely gardening customers who may be feeling a little low right now…… 


We first saw this wonderful annual at Belmont House gardens where it took our breath away with it’s dramatic presence in the late summer border. The orange flowers are the best orange we have seen at a time when the gardens are looking dull and the gardener is needing a pick-me-up of colour through to the end of Autumn. Tithonia is clump forming to around 4 feet, although if pinched out when young this can be reduced. The only requirements for this plant are sun and warmth. It is a much sought after annual, we cannot grow enough of it as it has proven to be so popular. It’s value as food for pollinators is gratefully received at the ending of the year and it’s a joy to see it practically buzzing with life.


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