Ricinus Communis Impala or Castor Oil Plant – 2 litres

This plant and its seeds are Poisonous!

1/2 hardy annual, ‘Impala’ is a tender, fast-growing, evergreen shrub usually grown as an annual in temperate climates. Large, deeply-lobed leaves up to 30cm wide emerge a dark purplish-red to bronze colour and may change to a dark green with age. Flower spikes comprise clusters of creamy-white male flowers topped by showy red female flowers and these are followed by prickly, rounded, maroon-red seed pods in autumn.  It is “Drama for Pots” creating a tropical setting for the patio or border.

Full sun, any garden soil.


Sow in good seed compost, keep at 70-75 F, transplant into bigger pots when large enough to handle, harden off and plant out after any risk of frost.

Full sun, normal garden soil.



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