Photinia Fraseri “LOUISE” – 10litre

This evergreen shrub is one of the best, the pretty pinkiness of the young marbled foliage provides an interest for those gardeners looking for colour with leaves as well as flowers and being evergreen it really does tick all the boxes.

In the last few years of my gardening career, I have noted that the Photinia fraseri Red Robin has increasingly suffered from very unsightly red/brown spots on the leaves, the affected leaves do eventually fall off and the industry and growers are convinced that it is weather and temperature conditions and not disease that causes this.  I disagree, my personal feeling is that the distress for the gardener looking at their lovely shrub looking so poorly is yet another sign of genetic instability with mass produced plants.

Photinia are a lovely shrub to have and so I have chosen Louise as she does not grow quite as quickly as the Red Robin and does not develop to the vast size either.  It will tolerate a wide range of growing conditions and does not require lots of pruning and care.

Photinia do flower and will produce small red or black fruits which the birds will really appreciate.  Also, do remember that in a garden where birds can nest and hide there is a  balance of nature, evergreens planted with climbers, perennials and annuals will attract pollinators and all insects, so plenty of caterpillars’ and insects to feed the baby birds.  A well planted garden diverse in plants and shrubs provides a haven for nature to thrive and survive, and the gardener? well, sitting with a cup of tea looking at your garden whatever its size in all its beauty and life is priceless.



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