Phlomis Tuberosa Seed –

Phlomis Tuberosa has grown rapidly in popularity, becoming a brilliant plant for the middle of the border.  Such a gorgeous colour and so hardy and tough, grown stock and even small babies have coped well with being on the new pasture through last winter and can even tolerate this wet year we are experiencing.

Seeds should be sown in the cooler parts of the year, ideally in late January to February, although we sowed very late in April and even May. Tuberosa germinates irregularly over a long period, seeds can sprout in as little as 14 to 42 days but often require several months so we never discard the seed trays we just leave them to decide whether or not to grace us with their presence.  They can flower the same year and roots grow quickly.  They will be upset if they are planted out too young and in too much sun, so be careful and keep them watered.