Honeysuckle (Lonicera Halls Prolific or Halliana) – 5 litre pot

Honeysuckle is a classic climber for a romantic cottage garden. Twining around pergolas and adorning walls, they are covered in clusters of tubular flowers in the height of the summer.  Our honeysuckle is completely winter hardy. We grow two varieties only; Hall Prolific or Halliana – both are related closely to the wild form of honeysuckle and the fragrance is very strong.  The flowers are glorious from late springtime and are always covered in bees and butterflies, flowers are followed by red berries that are very appealing to birds (the berries are poisonous to humans). This is the closest we can get to wild honeysuckle.

Shrubby honeysuckles are often used to create hedges. If you have had problems with box blight then Lonicera nitida makes a sensible alternative. For winter flowers and scent, the deciduous winter honeysuckle Lonicera frangrantissima is  unbeatable.  We grow the unusual Lonicera Tartarica – a gorgeous spring pink flowering shrub please ask for details.


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