Jasmine Officinale f. affine ‘Clotted Cream’ 10 litre pot fan frame grown


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This Jasmine is slightly different from the normal summer jasmine that epitomises long lost hazy summer days in a country cottage.  Jasmine ‘Clotted Cream’ can show  evergreen tendencies too,  with masses of rich creamy butter yellow-coloured star shaped flowers which are highly scented.  This jasmine flowers over a long period in summer through to early autumn. The flowers are somewhat larger and even more fragrant than on the much loved common summer Jasmine.

Let it create a scented tangle to cover walls archways, pergolas and trellis fences while it perfumes the summer air,  grow this gorgeous plant close to paths and entrances where its sweet scent will fill the air every time you pass by. Height and spread: 5m (16’).