Echium Vulgare – UK Native Wildflower – 2 litres

Echium Vulgare — known as viper’s bugloss  or Blueweed was originally used to treat snake bites — It is a uk native and is a must-have plant for pollinators.

The flowers start pink and turn vivid blue, in a tall magnificent branched spike, with all the stamens protruding. The pollen is blue but the filaments of the stamens remain red, contrasting against the blue flowers. It flowers between May and September and the bees adore it.

A wonderful specimen, tantamount to being somewhere exotic.

Once this flowers, the main plant will die, so we are selling this an an annual/biennial, it will self-sow throughout the garden if the flower spikes are not tidied away – so BE UNTIDY!

Grow in poor, free draining soil, we have most success in semi-shade although sun is the recommendation.


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