Chives 2 litres

A staple for the herb or vegetable border. Just cut the green slender stalks into cooking, we like it in scrambled eggs or omelet. You can plant chives to repel Japanese beetles and carrot rust flies. It has also been said that chives will help prevent scab when planted among apple trees.

We love their happy little purple flower heads too.

They do not mind a bit of shade or slightly damp either!

Did you know that chives may help prevent Cancer?
Several studies have been produced which suggest that alliums, including chives, could help prevent or fight against cancer.
They also may prevent Osteoporosis as they are packed with Vitamin K, a critical component in bone density.
(It beats weightlifting right?)
Chives also contain both choline and folate which improve memory!
We like them chopped finely into our creamy scrambled egg in the morning! Or use as fresh herbs in ragu, bolognase, pizza and so on!


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