Echinacea – White Swan Seeds

Large white honey scented coneflower, 2/3 feet high.

Sow indoors. Surface sow onto moist well-drained seed compost. Cover with a light sprinkling of vermiculite. Light is needed for germination. Ideal temp. 20-24°C. Germination takes 5-20 days. Germination can be slow and irregular. If germination does not occur cold stratify. Move to 4°C for 2-4 weeks then return to warmth. Repeat process until germination occurs. Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle to 8cm pots. Acclimatise for 10-15 days and plant out with 60cm spacing.

Prefers well-drained humus rich soil in full sun. Low maintenance. Once established avoid over watering. No need to fertilise.


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Loved by bee’s and butterflies, these very long-lived daisy flowers have large raised central cones. We have reliably grown 4 varieties for 10 years, but do not have seed for all of these. Over the years, we have looked at and tried some of the hybrids but find that they are not hardy.