Rudbekia – Goldsturm Seeds

This variety is very stable; no surprises with the seed, and we grow with complete confidence.  Very tolerant of our weather, they are proven to be very tough indeed.  This variety is clump forming, producing large daisy-like rich yellow flower heads up to 5 inches across with central black cones in late summer through to early autumn. Grows up to 2½ feet.

Spw into a tray at room temperature, keep moist and covered until germinated then prick out as normal.


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Rudbekia are all very tough and reliable, and they are invaluable for pollinating insects. The flowering season is continuous from Summer, all the way through until late autumn. Virtually bomb proof they are planted in most of the beds at Sonoma providing colour and structure. Rudbekia will form an expanding clump quickly and easily.  They are tolerant of drought and do not need watering. We now grow 4 different varieties.

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