Delphinium requienii (Larkspur) Seeds

The Delphinium Requienii or larkspur was given to us by a lovely local lady and we have propagated from her stock.

  • Hardy in mild winters
  • Native to Corsica
  • Can get to 5-6 feet.
  • Loved by bees

This delphinium is a biennial and originates from the Isles d’Hyeres (S. France), Corsica and possibly Sardinia. It would be rather surprising if a species from these locations was completely hardy. In our experience over the last twenty years, small seedlings do survive most winters in Britain and then provide an interesting flower display the following summer. The plants are prolific seed producers and hundreds of self-sown seedlings, as seen in the picture, ensured that this delphinium could be found somewhere in our garden almost every year.

These produce branched spikes (quite different from usual delphiniums) with elegant mauve/grey salvia shaped flowers help in sprays. they look more similar to giant orchids.

Height generally 90-100cm but may in the right conditions get taller.

Surface sow September/October or in trays from November to March. Generally reliable, quick germination and growth.

Please note that all Delphiniums are toxic to humans and livestock if eaten.


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