Daffodils Unsurpassable (Deep Golden Yellow) in bag of 25 bulbs.

Daffs are best planted between October & November, before any hard frosts.

They are Spring flowering.

As with any bulbs, discard any rotten ones, a little bit of green/blue is ok, but not if it smells bad or is sticky and damp.

Plant pointy end up, about 8cm apart and 10cm down. We plant hundreds at a time here and Helen has taken to digging a big hole, layering the bottom with grit to increase drainage, planting 5 -7 bulbs in and then covering.

We supply bulbs that are mature, as in 14cm bulbs plus (unlike the ones you buy from places like B & Q) to give you good performance.

These are late single flowers, with large trumpets so they have pollen for the pollinators.

All our daffs come in packs of 25 for £26.00.


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