Cerinthe Major Purpurascens (Honeywort) Seeds

Cerinthe Major or Honeywort- such a lovely blue foliage, when grown in the border can be up to 4 feet with beautiful clusters of purple/blue flowers. Its common name “Honeywort” says it all as far as the insects are concerned, such fabulous foliage, it is also a great cut flower. When grown in the border can be up  to 3 feet with beautiful clusters of purple/blue flowers. Grown again extensively, it is really gaining a strong following of gardeners who can appreciate it.

Sow them outside in late Spring, direct into finely raked soil. Water the soil first and cover the seeds with a bare quarter inch of soil.  You can also do this in autumn (late September) to get them off to an early spring start.

On the other hand, if you only have a few precious seeds, start them in small pots or modules indoors: soak seeds overnight to break down outer casing, sow at same depth of seed (about 2 – 3 mm deep) into free draining soil, wait 7 – 14 days for germination, let the seedling grow a bit before potting on; at about 3 inches tall, with 3 to 4 leaves, harden off and plant outside, leaving about 40cm between plants.


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