Anemone Blanda ‘violet star’ (winter windflower) x 15

These Anemones produce a quick growing clump of violet/purple flowers, complimented spectacularly by their white centers. They are a little unusual, attracting the plant specialists among us. The cut flowers of a height of 10-15cm, look fantastic in any floral display. hardy.

Before planting, soak the bulbs in water for 24 hours.

Plant 3-5cm deep, 10cm apart.

They thrive in plenty of sun but will tolerate half shade. The richer the soil, the more flowers so add sterilised farm manure to your planting area. they like free draining soil too so add grit if needed.

Great for borders or rockeries, but will also grow in pots.

Supplied in a bag of 5 bulbs at £7.50


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