Rare British Bee found at Enchanted Gardens in Kent

A very exciting discovery: Bex Cartwright from the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust (BBCT), found a very rare Shrill Carder Queen Bee (Bombus Sylvarum), a long tongued variety that prefers plants with long tubular flowers. She captured this queen bee at Enchanted Gardens Kent, an organic nursery dedicated to growing only bee & butterfly friendly plants on 30th April 2019. This is wonderful news, since this particular bee loves plants like white Dead-Nettle, Hedge Woundwort, Black Horehound and legumes such as Red Clover, Birds-Foot Trefoil and Meadow Vetchling. They also enjoy late flowering species such as Red Bartsia, Common Knapweed and Scabious, as well as ‘weeds such as Ragwort and Thistles… which are all grown on site at this specialized nursery. Come down and get involved in the ‘Making a Buzz Project’!

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