Gardening for Mother Nature – Talk by Donna from Enchanted Gardens Kent

Donna runs Enchanted Gardens Kent in Whitstable and is absolutely passionate about pollinating insects and the loss of bees worldwide. Her approach is entirely organic and she mostly concentrates on native British perennials, since there are so few. She believes many of them have been dismissed, or are neglected as too old fashioned/ out of date/ have erratic germination/ are not easily kept in a pot and therefore cannot be produced quickly and cheaply in the vast quantities as they do on the continent. How can we ensure the survival of bees & butterflies? Bee numbers are falling and other pollinators are also in decline. If action is not taken, a drop-off in population numbers will have serious implications for food production and gardens – as many plants rely on bees and other insects to transfer pollen from one flower to another in order to set fruits and seeds. But what exactly is a Pollinator Garden? A pollinator garden is a garden that is planted predominately with flowers that provide nectar or pollen for a wide range of pollinating insects.

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