Vinca Minor Purple (periwinkle) 2 litre pot


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We are growing  the smaller Vinca (lesser) as the Major Vinca with much larger leaves and flowers can be a bit naughty with extremely stong growth it can take over.  Vinca is used a lot in landscaping but do not let this put you off. Vinca Minor is compact, ground covering, delicate little dark glossy green leaves and ours has wonderful small single purple flowers. It flowers from late spring until late Autumn so great for extending the nectar window for the sleepy bees. We have it around all the edges of the pond, where it creeps happily along, dangling its feet in the waters edge periodically. Twice a year we gently trim it back with shears, easy low maintenance, good all year round plant. It does come in other colours, currently we only have the purple in stock.

We propogate by “layering” as well as cuttings.


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