Verbascum Violetta

This is the smallest growing of the perennial verbascum. Totally trustworthy and very drought tolerant it is the darkest flowering verbascum available. Easily setting excellent seed, it produces delicate flower spikes on tall stems of tissue thin dark purple blooms that ascend to the finest point. Each flower has a darker centre with yellow stamens. The foliage is a flat rosette of deep green giving the plant a solid and sturdy base. The flowers mature into pearl-like seed pods which ripen to burgundy black. Voiletta is more dainty than the usual types growing to only 36 inches and is ideal for a sunny site where it can self-seed, flowering between May and August.

Sowing, we had a good crop sowing late Autumn.

Or sow April, room temperature until germinated,  in small pots as they do not like being moved, keep as dry as possible especially the crown.


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