Verbascum Bombyciferum (Broussa Mullein) Seeds

Beautiful huge rosettes of great grey-white leaves.  This plant will give enormous structure.  It  sends up a tree-like stem covered in white wool, which supports a gorgeous golden candelabra head.

This is a true Biennial so allow to seed before removing the exhausted plant. Seedlings will soon germinate and start to develop. The seedlings are little “toughies” and will then overwinter to produce the wonderful rosettes during their first season, and will flower and seed again the following year. An excellent plant to be used in dry gravel garden styles.

Slug proof (they do not like the tiny fluffy hairs).

Common name is Broussa Mullein, hence the familiar yellow flowers.

Great for sun, dry, a seaside theme or a hot garden.

Foliage goes well with white and purple flowers.


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