Vegetable Home School Seed Mix

We know you all need some help with the home schooling (and no sorry we do not mean we will be delivering G and Ts).

But we can deliver you a little selection of easy to grow vegetable seeds that you only need a tiny bit of space for, you could even grow these in a windowbox, some pots or some growbags.

20 parsnip seeds, 20 beetroot seeds, 20 radish seeds, 20 carrot seeds and 20 lettuce seeds.


Sow outdoors late Feb-May in drills, 1.5cm deep and 1.5cm apart.

Harvest October-February.


Sow outdoors in final position, 2.5cm deep, 2.5cm apart, in moist finely tilled soil.

Water well until plants are established.


Sow thinly in June, 1cm deep & 1 cm apart in finely tilled soil.

Harvest two months later.


Sow April-June, sow thinly 1cm deep, 2cm apart.

harvest June-November.


Sow outdoors march-July, 1/2 cm deep, sow thinly at least 2 cm apart.

Keep soil moist, especially in dry weather.

Harvest whole or cut and come again.



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Please note: online orders need to be collected from our nursery in Whitstable. Please contact us if you would like a quote for delivery.