Tree Peony Seeds

We KNOW these are no good for pollinators, but Donna has a proper soft spot for these so we thought we would collect some seed and see what happened!

Propagating tree peonies from seed is not a rapid process, but with patience, these flowering shrubs mature and bloom in three to five years.

Use a 2 litre pot that has holes in the bottom.

Use good quality seed compost.

Plant or four or five seeds, late Summer or early Autumn, about 2 -3cm under the surface.

Water and keep at room temperature until germinated.

Roots will appear out of the bottom of the pot in 6 weeks -five months!

Keep pots damp and keep covered, maybe just pop the whole pot into a covered germinating tray or keep covered with a plastic bag.

Once germinated the seeds need a period of cold stratification to grow on well, so just pop them outside somewhere you can keep an eye on them.

As soon as green shoots emerge bring them back into room temperature or greenhouse and they need direct light.

Plant out in their second Spring in the pot.

In the UK, they can be planted out once somewhere they get morning sun and light afternoon shade.


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