Tomato Gardener’s Delight – Heritage Indeterminate (cordon) – 9cm pot

Gardeners delight has been around since 1950 when it was forst bred in Germany.

There are two key reason for the popularity of this variety, and the first is how easy it is to grow. Not only does it tolerate a wide variety of soil and weather conditions but it regularly produces a heavy crop. The second reason is taste – most people like the taste and the texture.

Gardener’s Delight is most definitely a cordon (indeterminate) variety of tomato which means it will grow best if pruned during the growing season.Confusion sometimes occurs because it is often grown as a bush type. It does very well when grown this way. The key difference is that when trained as a cordon it produces slightly larger tomatoes and slightly earlier compared to being grown as a bush.

In recent years we have noticed that the size and taste of Gardener’s Delight tomatoes has become rather hit and miss. There is a belief among many growers of this variety that the original strain has been severely compromised. The results vary year by year and on who the supplier is.

As with all tomatoes, dont plant out until the last frosts are over, they are not tough enough to withstand a frost and also need a sheltered spot away from harsh wind.  Whether you are growing tomatoes in a pot or in the ground they are very thirsty plants having to use a great deal of energy to produce their flowers and so fruit.  Water often and thoroughly concentrating on the base of the plant, this will encourage a strong deep root system, this will keep the plant stable.

Tomatoes are divided into two main types: cordon (indeterminate) or bush (determinate). This identifies how the plant grows. Cordon types grow as single-stemmed plants. They grow to heights of up to 2.5m and require support and regular pruning of sideshoots.

Start feeding as soon as the first trusses have set with a high potash feed.  Obviously, here at Enchanted Gardens we would absolutely recommend an Organic Tomato Food.



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