Tomato Cream Sausage – Heritage Bush variety – 9cm pot

This is a lovely Heritage Variety, it is very productive producing elongated fruit which is creamy-white when ripe.  As with all our unusual “non-red” tomatoes gently squeeze them, if the fruit is soft to the touch then they are ready.

As with all tomatoes, dont plant out until the last frosts are over, they are not tough enough to withstand a frost and also need a sheltered spot away from harsh wind.  Whether you are growing tomatoes in a pot or in the ground they are very thirsty plants having to use a great deal of energy to produce their flowers and so fruit.  Water often thoroughly concentrating on the base of the plant, this will encourage a strong deep root system, this will keep the plant stable.

Tomatoes are divided into two main types: cordon (indeterminate) or bush (determinate). This identifies how the plant grows. Cordon types grow as single-stemmed plants. They grow to heights of up to 2.5m and require support and regular pruning of sideshoots.

Bush types grow as a bush, with many stems. Often referred to as dwarf tomatoes, they’re perfect for growing in pots and hanging baskets, and don’t require any pruning. They’re perfect for beginners as they require less work than indeterminate types. Fruits are usually small, cherry types.

A few varieties are semi-determinate. These tomatoes grow in the same way as indeterminate varieties, but are shorter.

With bush tomatoes, which have a sprawling habit, you can pretty much leave them to get on with it. If the fruits are hidden under the leaves, thin out the foliage a little to let the sun through to ripen them. Support heavy trusses on top of upturned flowerpots to prevent their stems snapping.

Start feeding as soon as the first trusses have set with a high potash feed.  Obviously, here at Enchanted Gardens we would absolutely recommend an Organic Tomato Food.

Do NOT pinch out side shoots of this variety.

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