Purple Pollinator Packs (February Selection)

Bees love purple, lilac, blue and violet colours!

We have therefore assembled a selection of suitable plants and are very happy to present our brand-new Purple Pollinator Packs! They are all perennials and will change every month, according to what is in bloom. In this month’s selection (February), you’ll find: 


1. Campanula ‘Medium’
2. Digitalis Purpurea
3. Echinops ‘Sphaerocephalus’
4. Penstemon ‘Blackbird’
5. Phlomis Purpurea
6. Prunella Freelander Blue
7. Verbena Bonariensis
8. Scabious


Campanula ‘Medium’, or also Canterbury Bells, are deep bell flowers, which the bees love. Digitalis Purpurea are purple Foxgloves – a traditional woodland plant for the back of the border. It can get to 6-8ft and likes semin-shade. It will self-seed if you let them. Echinops ‘Sphaerocephalus’ – the great globe thistle. It grows up to 6 feet with delicate foliage and a gorgeous electric blue/ purple colour, that appears ghostly in low light. Penstemon ‘Blackbird’ is a bushy upright clump of dark purple spikes of trumped flowers. Good for both, pots and garden. Phlomis Purpurea, or Jerusalem Sage, that has aromatic soft hairy leafes. It is tough and hardy. Prunella Freelander Blue, or also called Heal All, is a charming low growing carpet of violet blue flowers. It has a long flowering season and is great for ground cover, spreads quickly and needs to be trimmed in order to keep the #flowers coming. Verbena Bonariensis is a great architectural plant that flowers all summer in any position. It grows up to 5 feet tall and self-seeds freely. Scabious has been grown for hundreds of years and is a beautiful flower, looking so natural. The blooms are large and very blue. Of course no pollinator can resist them and if dead-headed they offer a longflowering period.



3 plants for £ 25

5 plants for £ 35

8 plants for £ 50


If you would like to order one of the other two options, i.e.

3 plants for £ 25, or 5 plants for £ 35


then please contact us at: 01227266070, mobile: 07967917161. or email: donna@enchantedgardenskent.co.uk with your preferred plants and we’ll put them together here at the nursery for you to, either pick them up in person, or send to you in the post.

Please note: postal charges will vary accordingly.

Please note: online orders need to be collected from our nursery in Whitstable. Please contact us if you would like a quote for delivery.