English Oak – Quercus robur – (2 litres)

Quercus Robur supports over 280 different species of insects- more life than any other native tree, so we had to start stocking them. They also have beautiful long yellow catkins which distribute pollen, which you might notice know you know! In the perfect position they can get to 40 m tall and they can get to be 1000 years old, so planting an Oak is definitely for the generations ahead!

Oaks have been worshiped and revered by humans for centuries, as a source of food, awe, firewood, wood and medicine. We always felt they are Kings of our native woodland. They have a majesty about them.

Whole forests and countries have been stripped of their oaks for building timber. James Cooks’ ‘Endeavor’ and Henry’s HMS Mary Rose (600 oak trees) were both built from our English Oak. In the Stuart Era, demand for straight English Oak become so high that an Act of Parliament was passed in 1698 making it illegal to pollard oaks.

Our Enchanted Oaks were removed when the old farmhouse was demolished in 1980’s. In spite of this sacrilege – Acorns just sprout up throughout the gardens having survived somehow, mother nature is truly remarkable. The remaining are scattered along the horizon both on the protected wildlife Trust nature reserve opposite and along Pilgrims Lane – sometimes I think of them as Pilgrim Oak – The Woodsman calculates they are only around 140 years young, but they are beautiful and I often make wonderful connections with them at solstice time.


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