Melcourt Sylvamix Peat free growing medium (50litres)

This a professional  product which we use by the pallet load.

It’s peat free, organic and free draining and we find it very lovely to use.

As it is only a growing medium we add blood, fish and bone to it to add nutrients; (NPK) this is organic natural fertilizer.

We use it for pricking out, potting on and for everything up to 5 litres, after that we add a bit of the Bulrush to add extra feed.

Melcourt have kindly given us permission to pass their product on to you, our customers.

We can deliver, but we will have to make a small charge.


50 in stock

Please note: online orders need to be collected from our nursery in Whitstable. Please contact us if you would like a quote for delivery.