Lysimachia – Yunnanensis (Loosestrife) 3 litres

This is our last offer from this family – this variety is relatively new from China the seed has germinated very easily but we have not planted it out yet and we will, of course post more useful information. Foliage is greyish with significant lighter veins and it grows to 2 feet.  The flowers are lovely – creamy changing to pink with age, from May to July.  We think that they are best suited to semi-shade and they like moisture, but are said to be tolerant of other soil types too. These are extremely rare and very hard to find, hence slightly more pricey.


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At Sonoma I have one particular border that would be a bit of a problem area had it not been for this species. There are cattle shed foundations here, and it is nearly always wet and soggy even in drought. And this is where I have my Lysimachia collection. Lysimachia are commonly called Loosestrife. They are tough and hardy and thrive endlessly in these conditions. They will also perform perfectly well in sunnier, dryer spots but may be a little smaller perhaps. I grow 4 varieties to share with you.

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