Enchanted Seeds Multibuy 15 packets for £20

Including postage!

We are delighted to offer our brand-new Enchanted Gardens seed mix. We will select from the range of seeds available and send them off to you in the post. Some of them are:

  1. Scabious Caucasia
  2. Shoofly
  3. Salsify Tragoponon
  4. Selenium Walli
  5. Agastache Liquorice Blue
  6. Agastache Rose Mint
  7. Agastache Golden Jubilee
  8. Turkish Cow Parsley
  9. Centaurea Macrophela
  10. Hollyhocks
  11. Asclepias Incarnata
  12. Icelandic Poppies
  13. Eupatorium Macrophela
  14. Eupatorium Latifolia
  15. Eupatorium Fistulosum
  16. Verbena Bon.
  17. Celapharia
  18. Tree Spinach
  19. Foxgloves
  20. Helenium Rubinzwerg
  21. Helenium Orange
  22. Rudbekia
  23. Phlomis Fructicosa
  24. Nigella

…and others, which we will add to this list soon!


Please note: online orders need to be collected from our nursery in Whitstable. Please contact us if you would like a quote for delivery.