Berkheya – Purpurea

A prickly thistle which is actually a member of the sub family Asteraceae, which is basically the Daisies. The Daisy family is most important for all of our UK pollinators with easy access to the nectar. It is a South African plant which, surprisingly grows very well here in Kent as long as it has access to sun. The leaves are lovely in themselves; shiny on the top, with cobwebby undersides covered in long white hairs. In their first year they flowered beautifully to our surprise and we expect the plants to get larger and the flowers to mature to 4 inches across. They grow from a large tap root and so we stock in a tall pot with plenty of grit. Berkheya are a pleasure to have in a sunny spot & the Bees and Butterflies will be very grateful.


Please note: online orders need to be collected from our nursery in Whitstable. Please contact us if you would like a quote for delivery.

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